Tuesday, June 11

idk what to write in here

                           f a s h i o n l o c k e r

Hey guys !

For a long time i dont write anything here, because idk what to write, im not a good writer laa blergh. so im gonna tell you guys what i did a few days ago. i dont think that peoples will read my blog because   they dont find any interesting at here but i believe that there are 'you' who read this entry right now. bhahahahaa. 

9th June 2013
I do nothing just watched The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 1 online. Yeah i know that sekarang dah Season 4, but i dont care. im not going to skip such good tv shows. This tv show is cool enough and i loveeeee Paul Wesley as Stefan and Nina Dobev as Elena. They're suits together.

10th June 2013
Danial fetch me up at 2.00pm and we're going to Secret Recipe because im craving for one slice of Chocolate Indulgence and it feels soooo yummy. while he bought one slice of durian cheese and it is yummy too. i tried it (just a bit okayy) and oh god my mouth smells durian kuat amat. Hey did you know that i love durians so much ? hahaha

woke up at 12.00pm (haha bcoz i sleep late at night) , showering and laying on my bed w/o having some breakfast, open my laptop and watching The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 2 & 3 and yes im still watching this gooooodd tv show.

Elena and Stefan.

elena, kiss, stefan
auwwww :**:
I give 5 stars for this goooodddd and cooooool show.

p/s ; maaf diatas penggunaan bhs bi yang sangat terok memandangkan saya org yang tidak fasih dalam bhs ini dan sangat memerlukan bimbingan dan tunjuk ajar lagi. sorry, theee. bye, love u so much. Adios.

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