Wednesday, November 28

I don't know what to put in here.


Hai. Lama rasanya tak update blog nie. Dari awal sem sampai dah habes sem baru kita nak berjumpa balik. LOL. Perasan tak ada changes sikit ni haa dekat blog saya ni. Harhar. Makin burok pulak bila tengok. But who cares ? Sebenarnya dah banyak kali i changed my template, from simple template > classic template > and now simple template back ! It is really hard to play with those crazyyyyyy little codings. Seriously, i'm not pro with that. Blogskin is awesome, i SWEAR its awesome ! But you know, there is something that we want to put in there but one big problem is i dont know where to put it and if there is one mistake you make, erghhh your effort will burn ! its not worth for me. But for those who knows all bout the codings, is easy for them to play with the codings. Haiyaa, why i cant be one of them. I tried many times, and google many tutorials but yayayaya, i FAILED

I dont like my blog, MUCH.

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